This is a dual-use holistic peace product. Foreign use: ethical peace sanctions. Domestic use: personal and interpersonal peace. Try some of these solutions. See which ones work for you.

1. Pause for a moment of silent meditation. An hour would not be too long, in some cases.
2. Use physical exercise to relieve yourself of any hostile sensation. For example, swim or run to exhaustion. You will be rewarded with an endorphin rush.
3. Read the #1 best-selling book of all times, cover to cover as a personal message to you. Read Matthew and Mark, then Luke, then John.
4. If you are angry, express it appropriately as soon as possible. "When you ___, I felt angry ___. If you ___, I will ___." Or, journal your feelings.
5. Take hormone supplements, such as cortisol and progesterone, if you need them. An experienced physician can spot hormone deficiencies.
6. Pay regular attention to healthy interests including a healthy hobby. Find a safe way to satisfy passions.
7. Get a sport massage or deep-tissue massage from a professional massage therapist. Or, trade backrubs with a partner.
8. Join support groups for each day of the week. Participate in them regularly. You are not alone.
9. Avoid alcohol and other depressants.
10. Start each day with grapefruit or grapefruit juice.
11. Do not salt food. Choose only fresh foods, or low-sodium processed foods.
12. Cut all animal products out of the diet. Eat only vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, grains and legumes.


1. Pause for a moment of silent meditation. An hour would not be too long, in some cases. Prayer and meditation help put things into perspective. Regular practice of prayer or meditation is calmin. Every time you feel hostile or angry, pray until you receive a holy answer. Or, meditate for insight or enlightenment on the matter.

The Gospel according to Matthew, chapter 6 contains the classic prayer, all you need to say. God knows your heart better than you do. Pour it out, and listen.

There are many kinds of meditation. The walking meditation relieves agitation while clearing the mind. Focus on putting one foot in front of the other for a full hour. Or, focus on the breath for the hour. Breath meditation brings great insight. Or, focus on a meaningless word. Repeat it continually throughout the hour. Mantra meditation reveals the big picture. If the mind strays, simply bring the focus back to the step, breath or word.

2. Use physical exercise to relieve yourself of any hostile sensation. For example, swim or run to exhaustion. You will be rewarded with an endorphin rush.

Exercise at a different time each day. That prevents depression. If you need motivation, join a sports team, a dance club and a swim competition. Sign up for a tennis tournament, a marathon and a martial arts class. Schedule a strenuous activity for each day of the week. Then, go and get as much exercise as you can during the activity. If you exercise at the same time each day, you will form an exercise addiction. Then, you will likely feel depressed each day you do not exercise. As long as you know that is why you are depressed, it may be easy to handle. If you are sick, wait until you are well. If you are recovering from an injury or a disease, use the 10% rule: Start slowly. Then, increase the duration by 10% each day. Regular, strenuous exercise is crucial for those genetically programmed for hostility. Safe Contact gives details. These people derive immense pleasure from exercise. They use frequent strenuous exercise with success to prevent violence. You may start an organization to provide coaching for those who suffer from these diseases.

3. Read the #1 best-selling book of all times, cover to cover as a personal message to you. Reading just the Gospel works for some people. Read Matthew and Mark first, then Luke, then John. Read them as the culmination of the wisdom that has passed the test of time.

Some of the authors had no children of their own so that they could help raise you at any age. Choose the version that is written in your dialect. Find it and read from it at no charge at There, you can read many versions to see which uses your dialect. Play the recorded version during meals, chores and bedtime preparations. Rewards include peace, freedom, love and an understanding of America.

4. If you are angry, express it appropriately as soon as possible. If you are angry at the conduct of someone, repair the relationship, If you cannot, at least journal the feelings and the solutions you find. Repair the relationship using verbal or written communication skills. Rehearse what you are going to say. Psychologists recommend using only the following phrases with the blanks filled in. "When you ___(State what happened.)___, I felt angry ___(List any other emotions you felt.)___. If you ___(do it again, continue doing such things)___, I will ___(State what would probably happen. Never threaten. Simply state the likely outcome.)___." Once you have said these things, listen for a response. Whether you received an apology or not, leave the subject.

If you can, write down what happened and how you feel about it. Get in touch with how your emotions operate. So you can operate them. So they will not operate you. If you are not sure that it would be an appropriate expression of anger, get help. Ask a rabbi, chaplain, pastor or other leader in matters of ethics and conduct.

5. You might need hormone supplements. Cortisol and progesterone provide peaceful feelings. If your liver can handle the load, and you are not in the first half of a menstral cycle, rub some progesterone cream onto your wrists. These hormones are available in health food stores. Aggression might be caused by a chemical or genetic deficiency. An experienced physician can spot these deficiencies.

Ask a doctor why you feel uncontrollable aggression. A general practitioner can answer you just by looking at you and hearing answers to questions. If an endocrinologist is recommended, see one for hormone replacement. Cortisol or progesterone may be prescribed. They provide great relief and a mellow high. While you are undergoing this hormone treatment, use all the other tools. The liver might strain under the steroid load, By then, the diet and other long-term remedies will have started working. So, you may no longer need the steroids.

6. Enjoy a regular hobby. Pay regular attention to healthy interests or occupations. Redirect excess energy into healthy pursuits. Find a safe way to satisfy passions. Follow a childhood passion. Make it freely available.

Examples: arts; crafts; fishing; car repair; gardening; and collecting rocks or shells.

7. Get a massage from a professional massage therapist. Sport massage and deep tissue massage are two techniques that change your hormonal balance. Massage actually increases the levels of love and affection hormones. It can give you a deep feeling of comfort.

Always hire a massage therapist of the same size and strength as you, if possible. Matching physical strength and hormone levels facilitates communication. The free way: Massage the muscles you can reach, especially from your shoulders to your neck. Or, ask anybody who matches you physically if they will trade backrubs. Almost anybody can learn the techniques and become a massage partner. It is like kneading dough. Always relax a muscle while massaging it. Always stroke towards the heart, to prevent vein damage. Be careful not to cause any pain.

8. Join a support group. You are not alone. Hearing about the struggles of others is like looking into a mirror. Do it every day, and eventually, you will know how you look to others. So, you will not be surprised at the reactions you get.

Others like you need to hear you talk about the experiences you may have in common. Peer support groups include Men Overcoming Violence. They include Emotions Anonymous, SAA and other 12-step groups. These work, and are free.

Try each group at least three times. Anger management classes and groups give you support. Domestic violence organizations offer them, usually free. Some therapists moderate support groups, and advertise them in the Events section of free newspapers. Regularly attend the groups that give you the most freedom from the hostility, aggression or anxiety.

9. Avoid coffee, tea, chocolate and other stimulants. Avoid alcohol and other depressants.

When you maintain sobriety, it becomes easier to control thoughts and actions. If you get tired, sleep. Sleep is required for healing and rejuvenation. Do not abuse the body with unreasonable demands.

10. Eat or drink grapefruit every day.

Grapefruit blocks the cytochrome P450 pathway of hormone production. Enjoy the resulting sense of relief throughout the day. Keep a whole grapefruit a day in the diet for deeper serenity. Remember to brush the teeth after consuming acidic foods like grapefruit. In the south, people give grapefruit away at church.

11. Do not salt food. Choose only fresh foods, or low-sodium processed foods.

Sodium raises blood pressure, which contributes to feelings of anxiety, aggression and desperation. If you consume a lot of salt, taper off slowly, and exercise strenuously on a regular basis. This will tone the vascular system, and prevent dizzy spells while you adjust to a lower blood pressure. If the food tastes bland, use calcium chloride, or eat only when hungry. You will be rewarded with a calm, cool feeling.

12. Cut all animal products out of the diet.

Anyone can maintain health on this vegan diet. Even the feeble can thrive on it for at least three years at a stretch. Some athletes might need protein supplements. There are many vegetable protein bars and powders. They are found in health food stores and online. Animal products, especially the fats, contain cholesterol. The human body turns cholesterol into hormones. Some of these hormones give people hostile feelings. The human body makes plenty of cholesterol already. Let it be enough for you. You will be rewarded with natural peaceful sensations and weight reduction. If you need to gain weight, eat nuts, avocados and other high-calorie vegetables.

If it is still too difficult for you to control urges, pay someone to do it for you. Churches, clinics and hospitals are there for that purpose. If you always follow instructions given by a professional, a therapist is probably all you need. Find one who has an emergency phone number. So, you can call for help from anywhere there is a phone. It is best to sign a contract for 1000 sessions and pay in advance. So, you can talk for as long as you need to.

If you cannot afford to pay someone to control your urges for you, society will pay for it using jail, police, parole services.

If you want control, get control over your own life. Get control over your senses. Envision your senses as horses. Envision your brain as the heroic chariot driver. Now, grab the reigns and steer your senses in a peaceful, productive direction. Feel the satisfaction of emerging justice. You overcame the urge to harm the person who is still trapped in the cycle of wrongdoing. You are free.

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"You and I are together in the same fight as you saw me fighting before and, as you will have heard, I am fighting still."
- Philippians 2:30
"That each one of you know how to control your own body in holiness and honor,"
- 1Thessalonians 4:4
"Abstain from every form of evil."
- 1Thessalonians 5:22
"No longer present your members to sin as instruments of wickedness, but present yourselves to God as those who have been brought from death to life, and present your members to God as instruments of righteousness."
- Romans 6:13

The New Revised Standard Version
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