Mana is green power.

Thank you for ordering flowers from Mana Gardens.
Become a provisional member of Mana Gardens and receive:
Free access to Mana Gardens Hawaiian retreat at all times;
Shared Hawaiian garden space with a year-round growing season;
Free "you-pick-em" Hawaiian avocados in season;
A career using your skills on the land;
All Mana Gardens flowers at half-price;
One guaranteed shipment of freshly cut flowers every month, no matter how busy we are;
No termination fee (quit anytime and owe nothing);
No hidden fees; and,
Aloha, the spirit of unconditional love in a community limited to 17 people.
All of this for only $400 per month for the first year. After that, pay the rest of the Capital Contribution or qualify for a free partnership with a member.

Join now and start enjoying the benefits.

How to apply: send your resume and references by email to email gardens(
Please send your resume as in-line text. Mana Gardens LLC is a member-managed limited liability company. Please include your experience in management, executive direction, team leadership and/or group facilitation.
Please provide contact information for three people who will give professional recommendations of your skills. Or, scan and attach three letters of professional reference.