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The Linux Foundation evaluation committee approved the following project to be developed as a prototype. Join the team. We can receive 500USD of free initial credits to consume in the sponsor's cloud.

Develop altGDP electronic assets based on alternative metrics for collective value (carbon sequestered, lives saved, lifespan extended, longevity provided by health innovations developed, days spent without armed conflict, data points contributed to global mapping, etc.). For example, develop cryptocurrency that is based on the value of environmental conservation and physiological homeostasis with harmonious wellbeing and wisdom from longevity. Measure altGDP using an algorithm which learns from scientific discovery the health consequences of environmental perturbation. Use as variables in the equation all metrics that express collective value in terms of the environmental credit of each individual member of the collective. Credit or debit to the individual all of the environmental impact of a corporation in proportion to the monetary impact of that corporation on that individual including gains and losses. Add those metrics to the graph that is depicted at http://Green247.org/impact.htm as needed.

Mind Map of Green Blockchain
Mind Map of Green Blockchain
This mind map shows the transfer of dollars and carbon credit tokens between the businesses which emit greenhouse gases and the forest stewards and disabled people who remove those greenhouse gases or are disabled by pollution.

Design a safety net based on alternatives to GDP. Should environmental credit be the basis for a safety net because it brings social security to others? The safety net would reward the retired individual for all of her previous data collection, carbon sequestration, environmental conservation, and healthspan extension by issuing retirement benefits according to the environmental credit amassed by the retiree over her lifetime, would issue no retirement benefit to the environmental debtor, and would issue benefits to the lifetime carbon neutral at the standard poverty rate, which is more than the Social Security Administration issues to some US citizens who are carbon creditors. The safety net would automatically transfer the withholding tax collected from environmental debtors to the individuals who were disabled by environmental destruction including mining, logging, or fossil fuel emissions. Might need a court order holding that a contract is unconscionable where it results in unjust enrichment of those who grab carbon from sequesterers and burn it to damage the health of sequesterers.

Develop a lifetime environmental impact calculator with a graphical representation like http://Green247.org/impact.htm that includes the environmental impact of an individual's employment and holdings including real estate, investments, and trusts.

Develop a distributed ledger that tracks the lifetime carbon debt incurred by each government official, billionaire, and corporate CEO. Learn whether one is in so much environmental debt that she would need to repay you for the carbon she borrowed before she could claim any percentage of the value of any carbon you sequestered.

Develop a smart market that operates on smart contracts that exchange goods for environmental credit from environmental creditors only. For example, an individual may transfer only her environmental credit or goods. The smart market limits contracts so that each contract preserves her lifetime environmental neutrality.

Develop a true cost price smart contract based on an algorithm which learns from scientific discovery the health consequences of environmental perturbation. The contract limits the transferred amounts so that they remain within the scientifically estimated value of the global impact of the transfer. (There is nothing sacred about discounting the value of carbon sequestration or healthspan extension.)

Track equal opportunities for employees by employer characteristics. Develop a lifetime employer characteristic calculator for each employee with a graphical representation that includes the characteristics of the employee's past employers to determine the characteristics of the future employers she needs to work for in order to become an equal opportunity employee. Here is an example.

Sample Graph of Lifetime Equal Employment Opportunity
Sample Graph of Lifetime Equal Employment Opportunity
This graph shows the lifetime equal opportunity employment of a fictitious person who worked for men and then for women. Next, choose equal opportunity listening.

Automate court settlement transfers as the video at http://green247.org/settlement.mp4 describes.

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