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The best carbon credit is from forest stewardship resulting in reduced conversion of forests.
Here is how I delayed climate change. Alone most of the time, I protected 36.068 hectares of the last lowland rainforest in the United States for approximately 15 years. With this stewardship, the forest sequestered carbon at the carbon removal rate of 25.3 tons CO2 per hectare per year. Thus, the forest removed up to 912.5 tons of carbon dioxide per year from the atmosphere. Doing so saved the lives of up to three people, simply as the Mortality Cost of Carbon. The resulting carbon credit is worth the scientifically estimated ultimate cost to humanity that ranges from $10,000 to $750,000 per ton based on details of the geophysical and economic scenarios. Archer, Kite and Lusk, Climactic Change, July 15, 2020. The Social Cost of Carbon is $258 per metric ton of 2020 emissions, in monetized net 2021 value terms. Nat Commun. 2021; 12: 4467.

Native Hawaiian Forest protected by Elisabeth Green
Native Hawaiian Forest protected by Elisabeth Green for more than a Decade

You may download more than a megabyte of photos and detailed information that I collected while I was protecting the 36 hectares. I developed the native forest restoration plan that was approved by university, state, and federal representatives. You may ask for a copy of the native forest restoration plan and get a PayPal or credit card receipt and Thank You gift of photos from the last lowland rainforest in the United States.
The following authorities can verify the carbon credit as Paris Agreement Article 6 additional mitigation of climate change.
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Meanwhile, I emitted only around 1.5 tons CO2 per year. I became lifetime climate neutral and now have carbon credit to offer. In BMC Public Health 20, 265 (2020), scientists say that my lifestyle has protected climate, health, food security, biodiversity, energy and other vital resources. Stabilizing global warming confers net benefits of thousands of trillions of US$ in gross world product in 280 years, from 2020 to 2300.
Aerial Photo of Forest Property stewarded by Elisabeth Green
2011 Aerial Photo of Forest Property stewarded by Elisabeth Green
In 2005, the clearing was covered with new growth, much of which grew to a height of 120 feet by 2017. Compare this aerial photo with aerial photos of the property at peak growth in January of 2017 at coordinates 19.47, -154.95.
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