Exchange your carbon credit for things you need in order to stay climate neutral.
1. Calculate your lifetime environmental impact. A comprehensive lifetime environmental impact calculator is under construction.
2. Use your keys to register your environmental impact on blockchain.
3. Smart contracts exchange your credit for other things you need, at the rate of exchange that is estimated using hard science without conflict of interest. The blockchain ledger keeps track of your environmental credit for you, providing a safety net when you retire.

Example of average United States resident comprehensive lifetime environmental impact:
This graph shows the cumulative environmental impact of a fictitious person who maintained an annual environmental impact of about 16 tonnes CO2 emissions per year over the course of her life. She now has environmental debt of almost 1,000 tonnes carbon dioxide emissions equivalent.

Graph of Average United States Resident Lifetime Environmental Impact
This graph shows the lifetime environmental impact of a fictitious person who spent 30 years in an average United States career, then spent the rest of her life in forest restoration. She used her own work in forest restoration to offset her greenhouse gas emissions. She now has environmental credit in the amount of 400 tonnes carbon dioxide emissions equivalent.
Graph of Self-Offset Environmental Impact
Now, she can use her lifetime credit to earn more of the kind of property that she has proven she can sustainably steward.
Source of Lifetime Environmental Credit
Example of Exchanging Property for Credit to Build Moral Capacity:
Example of Exchanging Property to Build Moral Capacity
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