Mana Gardens LLC owns approximately 89 acres, TMK 3-1-3-009-023, free and clear of all encumbrances except for a utility easement that allows HELCO and Hawaiian Telcom to pass through for approximately a half-mile and maintain high-voltage power lines that cross Highway 130 at the entrance of that easement. Once restored, the 20-acre intact native forest will be visible from the highway.
This 8,000 square-foot garden contains soil determined to be safe for food production and has contained 100 blue earthworms per 9 cubic feet. The site is zoned for agriculture. Plant and harvest biomass in the warm Hawaii rainforest with a year-round growing season. In the past seven years, rain has fallen approximately 355 days per year, with an occasional six inches of rain per day.
The circumference of Mana Gardens is approximately 9388.88 feet or 1.778 miles, as can be seen from the plat map. The 1,015 feet of highway frontage allow for fast emergency response and easy observation of the facility or native forest restoration efforts. Easily access the property from Highway 130 via the two widely-separated graded rock driveways, each longer than one-third mile.
Sell green power through the 69kV transmission lines upon power purchase agreement with local utility company, HELCO. Six power poles provide facility sites for three diverse renewable energy projects. Project expansion options provide the flexibility to increase the output of the facility at a later point in time. Sell electricity or hydrogen fuel cells at on-site highway-frontage stations.
Gently sloping at 900 feet elevation, the property is free of hazardous runoff or flooding. The property is in a governmentally-designated geothermal resource zone of an active volcano. The site is three miles uphill of the only existing geothermal plant on the island, thus maximizing the likelihood of intact subterranean structures and flows. It is at least ten miles from any shoreline.
The central 25 acres can be cleared by harvesting invasive plants for energy-producing or soil-enhancing biochar and was a sugar cane plantation. It is unlikely to contain any endangered species or historical preservation site, thereby minimizing environmental review costs. The Hawaiian Hawk nesting in the adjacent native forest is a threatened species under consideration for de-listing.
Pave the private airstrip to ensure accessibility. The landowner can hold an interest in project development, thereby minimizing start-up costs. Each managing member receives dividends from profits, thereby maximizing cooperation, financing efficiencies and community acceptance. A member is always available on-site to improve your operability, maintainability, efficiency and safety.
Elisabeth Green is the most recent, dues-paying, on-site LLC member. She developed major electrical company vehicles and facilities to ensure compliance with federal standards. She developed life support systems and human-machine interfaces to optimize performance under environmental stress for major corporations. She developed a winning proposal for more than $100,000 in Federal and State cost share funding to restore 34 acres of native forest Hawaiian Hawk habitat. She independently developed avenues of research for fungal control agents including environmental control of subtelomeric heterochromatin formation, chromatin-mediated epigenetic control of effector gene expression, and deletion of the MAT 1-2-1 gene. She performs environmental and task hazard assessment and mitigation analyses.
Workers enjoy a view of mountains and may surf, snorkel, SCUBA dive, boat, or swim in the lava-warmed coastal waters ten miles away. Internet access and cell phone services work on-site. For maps, photographs, agreements, deeds, and other LLC documents, please text, call, email or write:

Elisabeth Green, Co-Founder

Mana Gardens LLC
PAHOA HI 96778
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