Restore the Native Forest or Grow Green Power.
Save the last remaining rain forest in the United States. Preserve this Hawaiian hawk habitat. Protect the biodiversity on this 89 acres. Grow biomass where the rain provides ample irrigation. I formed an approved plan that qualifies the landowner for reimbursement of up to $271,000 for native forest restoration activities. The landowner LLC agreed on the Purpose to conserve the forested areas and form detailed plans to do so. All of the members of the LLC except me abandoned the land and the LLC and asked to sell the land. Sale of the land requires my consent, according to HRS 428-404(c). I would need reimbursement on my exit, according to HRS 428-403(a), (b), and (c). Lawsuits have been filed to ask the court to sign the government funding papers and solve other problems. DONATE HERE.
Sustainable Agroforestry Business Start Up Project.
Thank you to the supporters who helped start this successful business.
Be a Healthcare Hero.
Provide the only decompression chamber on the big Hawaiian island. Be the first to offer first-aid for diving and geothermal accidents. Cure and prevent the bends, non-healing wounds, diabetic foot ulcers, carbon monoxide poisoning, severe acute ischemia, gas gangrene, intracranial abcess, osteoradionecrosis, recalcitrant osteomyelitis, osteonecrosis ...more...

Elisabeth Green, Co-Founder
Mana Gardens LLC
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