Order Flamingo Lily (Anthurium) Flowers that Grow in the Native Hawaiian Rain Forest
Order online. Or, print and complete this order form. Then, mail or scan and email this order form. Or, text your order to 808-895-1181.
Price/dozen Young($)Grade A #Grade B # Grade C #
Size 1 inch 2 1 free
Size 2 inches 3 2 1
Size 3 inches 5 3 2
Size 4 inches 7 5 3
Size 5 inches 10 7 5
Size 6 inches 15 10 7
Size 7 inches 20 15 10
Size 8 inches 25 20 15
Size 9 inches 30 25 20
Size 10 inches 40 30 25
Size 11+ inches 50 40 30
Size: longest distance across the spathe (heart-shaped part) in inches
Stem length: 10 to 30 inches; extend vibrant life by trimming longer stems
Grade A: excellent condition for table tops and close inspection
Grade B: beautiful with very few noticable imperfections
Grade C: these flowers add color to your flower arrangement
Young: these last last weeks in your vase with proper care
Mature: these last days in your vase, half-price, cut the above price in half
The price you see is the price you get. Future prices are subject to change without notice.
Oversea deliveries are mostly crimson and scarlet. For delivery to or pick-up from Pahoa, colors available in most sizes are red-orange, crimson, scarlet, green, salmon, mauve, maroon, butterscotch, tan, dark pink, light pink, hot pink, white and pink, white, white and green, pink-white-green, red and green, orange and green, butterscotch and green, and tan and green.